Our Process

Snapshot of our Wealth Planning Process:

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We Incorporate Risk Management Strategies Into Our Process

Every investment has risk – even cash! And since we can't predict the market, we believe it is essential to understand and watch the potential risks associated with your wealth management plan, including:

  • Market risk
  • Business risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • Credit risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Governmental/political risk

In order for us to effectively mitigate these risks, we practice specific principles with your best interests in mind:

  • Diversification can help reduce the overall risk of your investment strategy.
  • Market timing is futile.
  • Rebalancing is an important tool for addressing market risk.
  • Disciplined investing can help prevent emotional decision-making.
  • High expenses are a key detractor from long-term wealth creation.

If you would like to know more about how we approach risk, click on the Our Philosophy tab.

Diversification (or asset allocation) does not ensure a profit or protect against loss. Rebalancing may have tax consequences, which you should discuss with your tax advisor.